Tokugawa Kendo Federation (in Swedish: Kendoförbundet Tokugawa; in Japanese: Tokugawa Kendô Renmei ) is a non-profit organization, founded in Sweden in 2012, which acts as an organization for associations aiming to preserve classical traditions of swordsmanship during the feudal era of the samurai (prior to 1868).

Kendo Groups under the Tokugawa Kendo Federation study kendo (shinai-geiko and not shiai-geiko), kenjutsu and iaijutsu. The training method is based on bujutsu and kobudo values such as discipline and respect, and focuses on preserving the original samurai philosophy and traditions developed during the said period rather than focusing kendo as a sport or competing activity.

Tokugawa Kendo Federation has entered an international relationship with other Kendo Federations which maintain the classical traditions from the Tokugawa period. In Scandinavia we have established a co-operation with Danish Kendo Society, the organization in Denmark that preserves iaijutsu, kenjutsu and kendo from the era of the feudal samurai.

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